Words cannot describe how excited we are that Winter is over! We are constantly waiting, always itching for a day by the sea and spending every second under the sun! Spring is bringing us all the right feels as we prepare for the best time of our lives… Summer!


New seasons are like new moods, they give you different feelings. Like everyone else, we are on the hunt for new tunes. Tunes that perfectly curate how we feel and where we want to be. Tunes that bring that ‘Spring feel’.

Well… say no more! We’ve made it!


Listen to our Spring tunes for THAT feeling! It’ll accompany you on your drive to the beach, a balmy cocktail night, or even when you’re just finding the motivation to get through work. With a mix of lowfi beats, downtempo pop and European music - what’s not to love?

This playlist will be your Spring-best friend.