The directors of Verge Girl, Daniella & Natalia have always had warm hearts for people in need. It is a priority of theirs to give, and to understand that we are so lucky and blessed to live in a developed country.

To all our beautiful customers, we are so thankful for your support and for shopping with us. We want you to know that a portion of what you spend goes towards different charities. One of our favourite charities we like to support is Mission Pawsible.


Mission Pawsible is a charity focused on helping animals in Indonesia.

“All over the world millions of pets are abandoned every year, while millions more are bought from breeders. We reckon the millions of people adopting can help put an end to breeding and abandonment by working together”

“We believe every rescue mission is possible by working together. That’s why we give 100% of your contributions to programs helping animals in need. It’s that simple!”

For more information, please visit - https://missionpawsible.org/